Change, Grow, Live (CGL) - support regarding alcohol, drugs etc. You can engage in self-recovery or supported by a peer group.

Healthy you alcohol health trainer - 121 support with a health trainer to understand relationship with alcohol and reduce alcohol consumption for over 18s.

Cambridge recovery service (CRS) - community based hub of support groups, creative workshops and wellbeing workshops. Open to all, at any stage of recovery.

The edge cafe - Community cafe with an emphasis on therapeutic groups and activities to aid recovery (eg - arts group, writing for recovery, AA, NA). There are also opportunities to train as a peer mentor volunteer for those in recovery who would like to support others in their journey.

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) - community where individuals with addiction problem meet in person or online to support each other to remain drug-free. This is a self-supporting group and there is no membership required. Individuals can be supported both in recovery and maintainance of a drug-free life.

Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) - Concerned mainly with recovery and the maintainance of sobriety of individuals who might think their alcohol intake/dependence in out of control. Emphasis on the anonimity of individuals seeking the service to encourage compliance and lack of personal recognition.


Alcohol change UK- Information and support options for people worried about how much alcohol they are drinking, in both English and Welsh

We Are With You - Supports people with drug, alcohol or mental health problems, and their friends and family.

Cocaine Anonymous UK - Help and support for anyone who wants to stop using cocaine.

Dan 24/7 - A bilingual English and Welsh helpline for anyone in Wales in need of further information or help relating to drugs or alcohol. Also known as the Wales Drug & Alcohol Helpline

Marijuana Anonymous - Help for anyone worried about cannabis use

Families Anonymous - Support for friends and family of people with drug problems.

National Association for Children of Alcoholics - Provides information, advice and support for anyone affected by a parent's drinking, including adults.

We Are With You - Supports people with drug, alcohol or mental health problems, and their friends and family.



VerywellMind - information on how to help someone with addiction issue. Talks about further resources and treatments.

HelpGuide - various links to resources regarding alcohol addiction/abuse, helping individuals with addiction, underage drinking, support groups, and various addictions. 

FRANK- Confidential advice and information about drugs, their effects and the law.

Release - National charity that offers free and confidential advice about drugs and the law.

Adfam - Information and support for friends and family of people with drug or alcohol problems.

Al-Anon - Offers support meetings across the UK for anyone whose life is affected, or has been affected, by someone else's drinking. Also provides online support meetings, and a confidential helpline.

Drug Fam- Provides support to anyone affected by someone else's harmful use of drugs, alcohol or gambling.